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We want to intersect the technologies of artificial intelligence and virtual reality to create an immersive VR experience of the patient’s past videos. This will be accomplished through the use of AI algorithms to convert 2D videos from phones into 3D objects in order to create a VR environment. Patients will be able to use an app where they can download their personal videos to experience again in virtual reality with the help of a Google Cardboard or Daydream headset.

Blood Pressure Exam
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About Us

Meet the Team

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Amsal Gilani

Hello, my name is Amsal Gilani and I'm a 15-year-old student at the University of Toronto Schools. I'm passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and healthcare. I love to think about how we can use exponential technologies to help solve some of the worlds biggest problems.

Ayleen Farnood

Hi, my name is Ayleen Farnood and I'm a 15-year-old student at the University of Toronto Schools who's passionate about Brain-computer interfaces, AI, and Virtual Reality. I've always been curious to learn as much as I can about the world and I've written various articles on my research and experiences thus far.

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The both of us together, have strong backgrounds in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and brain-machine interfaces. We have also created portfolios (Amsal and Ayleen) where you can see all the projects and content we have created on these technologies ( and We also have experience through internships such as Microsoft and Mentr AI where we have helped these companies with the development of their products. For example, Amsal helped Mentr AI with a plan to create their chatbots using Google Dialogflow and Ayleen helped Microsoft with their Azure products.

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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